Photo by Emir Memedovski - Live @ Novi Sad 2K+


Down the Rabbit Hole - new music collective oriented towards the latest developments in musical creation, especially those involving new modes of presentation.

To make this juicy newness happen we play acoustic instrument, voice, touch, light… all to spark the senses of our young, old, big and small audiences.

Down the Rabbit Hole is a new music collective founded in summer 2017 and co-directed by clarinetist Filipa Botelho (Portugal), percussionist Kaja Farszky (Croatia) and

cellist Hanna Kölbel (Germany).

Hailing from throughout Europe, we are committed to the emerging scenes within contemporary music, identifying with the art of nerdy entertainment and thus pushing borders by building new dramaturgies for sound creations.

Identified as performers of contemporary music we naturally search for extended techniques: we are wild curators of our concert programmation and indulge into setting up a superb performance space. As a music collective, we love to challenge and support fascinating creative artists to follow their ideas.

Since 2018 Down the Rabbit Hole is part of COHORT association of new music makers -


Filipa Botelho - photo by Matthias Knodel


artistic co-director / performer / curator / clarinetist

Filipa is a clarinetist specialised in contemporary repertoire. More than a clarinetist she considers herself as an operator in the field of contemporary music and performance switching from performing to collaborating, creating, writing, and curating. Parallel to her performances Filipa is currently a doctoral student at KU Leuven where her research explores the relationships between sound and movement and Orpheus Institute (Gent) as part of the clusterproject MusicExperiment X: Transdisciplinary Encounters In and Beyond Music.

In the last years she has co-created and participated in dance projects as Poly Mirrors and Poly’s Pulse with the dance company Nïm (choreographer Naïma Mazic) as well as played with ICTUS ensemble. For Filipa's list of past performances click here

Kaja Farszky - photo b Matthias Knodel


artistic co-director / performer / curator / percussionist

Kaja is a percussionist works with artists from a variety of disciplines, including musicians, visual artists, stage directors, and dancers. Dedicated both to contemporary repertoire and to improvised music, her artistic life is always linked to new work and is stimulated by the inspiring energy of extra-musical concepts. Some of her latest projects are: Resonant Bodiesa theatre show House on the blade, an audiovisual piece O² H²O RGB, and a concert with minimal percussion instruments Music for One Suitcase. With percussion instruments as her mode for self-expression, she feels there are no limits to what can be an instrument or which sounds are considered music: there’s only the question what to do with a particular sound in a particular moment.

Hanna Kölbel - photo by Matthias Knodel


artistic co-director / performer / curator / cellist

Hanna is a cellist who practices chamber music, contemporary music and commissions new works. She does not hesitate to put her cello aside to explore music with her body, voice, touch, and use of different objects - in short, the whole sound world that is gathered under the emblem "musical theater". In summer 2017 she presented her Master's thesis "ecosystems of co-creation" at The School of Arts in Ghent. She resides in Liège, playing as a guest musician with ensembles as ICTUS and NADAR in Belgium. And she is a founding member of Pierrot Quartett, a classical string quartet based in Germany that is fed by the excessive repertoire of its genre.