for kids only

MUSIC by Thierry De Mey, Michael Maierhoff, David Helbich & others

first stage supported by De School van Gaasbeek & LOD, Bijloke Summer Academy in Ghent (2018)

to be premiered in 2020

© Down the Rabbit Hole 2020

duration 35 min.

Thierry De Mey - Musique de table

Michael Maierhof - Shopping nr. 4

David Helbich - Earpieces (selection)

Joris Blanckaert - new commision

Dedicated to young audience, this project takes you into a seemingly

empty spacious hall, a playground proposed by the ensemble where

the audience is invited to discover and choose how and what to listen

to. Meanwhile, an interactive video installation tracks each inhabitant

and proposes you gamelike choreographies – so your own positioning

in space has an impact on the concert situation and makes you have

access and discover different hearing perspectives.


It’s a live music box – the inner life of a Jukebox.



proposes a shared space that is each time and constantly shaped by the

audience to create the right nest for the contemporary music live



Filipa Botelho

(clarinets and objects)

Kaja Farszky

(percussion and objects)

Hanna Kölbel

(cello and objects)


Joris Blanckaert

(sound design and composition)

Brecht Debackere


Nele Fack

(visual design)

my privacy

is your privacy ///

MUSIC by Yiran Zhao, Louis D'Heudieres & Sara Glojnarić

created @ Snape Maltings Residency Open Space, supported by Ulysses Network - December 2018

to be performed @ Hambourg (DE), D'Apostrof, Meigem (BE)

© Down the Rabbit Hole 2019

duration 1h30 installation type performance

Yiran Zhao - SHHH! for head solo

Louis D'Heudieres - Sitzfleisch

Sara Glojnarić - Confession Box

Down the Rabbit Hole is developing a programme of experimental music dealing with the themes of public privacy and ‘social composing’ - a term coined by the German composer Brigitta Muntendorf to describe an approach to music that uses music’s embeddedness in social relationships – between performer, composer, and audience, or between humans and their online selves, for example –  as compositional material.

my privacy is your privacy is an exploration of human’s physical and emotional presence in a musical virtual environment, to be realized, performed and toured in the UK and Europe in 2019/20.


MUSIC by Elena Rykova, Rama Gottfried and Alexander Schubert

Performed @ Ultima Festival for Contemporary Music, Vox Feminae Zagreb, Acker Stadt Palast Berlin & SMOG, Walter - Brussels

duration 55 minutes

© Down the Rabbit Hole 2018

Rama Gottfried - apophänie

Elena Rykova - 101% mind uploaded

Alexander Schubert - Hello

A bunch of hypersensitive nerves are sending obscure information - « the organisms of the miniature Apophänie world are born, mutated, absorbed, and consumed, a narrative grows between the microscopic entities » (Rama Gottfried). Pending musical life forms are unconsciously pulsating, surviving and purring along during the complex surgery of a « huge strange organism with many receptors and organs » (Elena Rykova). Meanwhile, a high blood pressure mind is relentlessly inventing a new joke taking place in the « composer's living room, it's an invitation into the personal world of (Alexander Schubert). please enjoy. »  CHARGED is a quite loaded performance by music collective Down the Rabbit Hole with musical operations that become fruitful matter for procrastination.

And all that seemed blurred and vague turns into a pleasurable yet immediate cause for playing it out, letting it live and dance, with crackling, buzzing, grooving, soothing, moving and re-mixed sounds.


MUSIC by Frédéric Verrières, Matthias Kranebitter &

Alexander Schubert

to be performed in Austria and Belgium 2019/20

© Down the Rabbit Hole 2019

duration 1h10min.

Alexander Schubert - HELLO

Matthias Kranebitter - bureaucrats and trichromats

Frédéric Verrières - 78 pieces of film

Alexander Schubert - F1

“Fear isn't so difficult to understand. After all, weren't we all frightened as children? Nothing has changed since

Little Red Riding Hood faced the big bad wolf. What frightens us today is exactly the same sort of thing that

frightened us yesterday. It's just a different wolf. This fright complex is rooted in every individual.” - Alfred Hitchcock

à taaaable! ///

MUSIC by Michael Maierhoff, Thierry de Mey, Simon Loeffler,

Simon Steen-Andersen & Steve Reich 

"low-tech" programme for all audiences

© Down the Rabbit Hole 2018-19

duration 50min.

Michael Maeirhoff - Shopping nr. 4

Simon Steen-Andersen - Difficulties putting it into practice

Thierry de Mey - Musique de table

Simon Loeffler - b

Steve Reich - Music for pieces of wood

Il est l’heure - midi! - À taaaable!

À midi on mange, un peu de soupe, une salade, des pommes de terre, une omelette aux champignons et une tarte aux pommes pour finir en douceur.

Mais qu’est-ce qu’on mange sur une table musicale ?

Quelques consonnes avalées, des papiers déchirés qui se mangent accompagnés d’une petite chorégraphie des mains, un soufflé de ballons bleus, un güiro de papier vert, un sifflet rouge, des lampes qui s’allument et s'éteignent, un câble qui fait du “buzzzz” et quelques pièces de bois bien rythmées, le tout autour d’une table, avec trois musiciennes du collectif Down the Rabbit Hole. La cuisine magique

des objets qui se transforment en instruments musicaux.

© 2020 by Down the Rabbit Hole